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Expression And Connection Can Keep You Fighting


When you’re addicted to a substance, regardless of what it is or why you’re abusing it, the hardest part is recovering from it. The solution to this has been the same for years: gain support from a group or an individual. You are definitely not alone and by being with someone who knows what you are going through and can help you find other ways to adjust, recovering can seem a lot easier.

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8 Causes of Substance Abuse


Being a substance abuser is not a label that anyone secretly wants to have. No one wakes up one day and decides to drink bottles of liquor, smoke packets of cigarettes, or inhale cocaine or meth religiously just for kicks. No, it is usually a coping mechanism for things that may have happened as far back as the person’s childhood years.

Check out the possible causes of substance abuse below.

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How Drug Abuse Ruins Everything You Hold Dear

Drugs are products of science that have a main purpose of improving one’s health. When you consume more than what the prescription indicates, it can spiral down to addiction.

Many say that it is a brain disease because of how the chemicals alter the function of the brain. Though there are various drug types, they all work to trick you into feeling a sense of pleasure or achievement. Of course, that will ideally seem great for someone who wants to experience happiness even for a short while. Little do you know, however, that drug abuse has grave consequences that may be difficult to bounce back from.

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Book Clubs:  A Gathering of Community Members

To some, there is nothing better than a good book.  It’s even better when you find someone who has read that book so that you can discuss and analyze it, or even ask questions about plot lines that you didn’t understand.  A book club has all these and more.


The library, of course, is the logical place to start.  Anything that has to do with books can be found in the library.  Unfortunately, with the advent of a hand held reading device, a library may become obsolete.  The “old school” readers often frown upon the electronic books because they like the feel of a book in their hands when reading.  Whichever reading medium you choose, you can still meet at the library for your discussion.

A posting in the library, on its website and Facebook page, word of mouth…are ways to get readers involved in a library book club.  Many times libraries have rooms available for the public to use, free of charge, so this would be the perfect location.  A librarian or community member could lead the group.


Many coffee shops have very quiet, introspective, and stay awhile vibe so they are another perfect place to have a book club.  Many coffee shops have a public bulletin board where they encourage postings of community gatherings.  This is a place where information of the book club could be posted.  More likely than not, they won’t mind having a group meet at their location because they will be making money when members buy coffee and baked goods.

Some coffee shops encourage volunteerism by their workers so a barista may volunteer to run the group.  It would probably be best to ask the manager first about hosting the book club.  If they don’t support it, you could advertise that you will meet there and then find another location for the discussion.


Youths that are excited about reading should be supported in their passion.  Any way to support or host a youth book club should be encouraged.  Notices can go out through schools.  Notices can be posted in libraries.  During the summer, book clubs can be offered through community camps.  Some communities require community service hours for high school students so book club leader would be a perfect job for a high school student who loves reading and working with children.

Teachers may offer this before and after school as an enrichment program.


Another great community in which to start a book club is the workplace.  It can bring together co-workers who don’t know each other very well, but who share a love of reading.  It is a great way to spend time with colleagues in a non-work related situation.  The fact that it is not focusing on the work you do, makes it more relaxing.It can also give you a great opportunity to bond and get to know each other.   Anyone can lead the club and books could be voted on.   A different co-worker could lead each meeting and the meeting place could be at the workplace or at someone’s home.


Of course, a home-based book club is also a great choice.  Getting together with friends and discussing a wonderful book can be a great gathering.  Friends of friends can be invited, thereby growing a community and introducing people who may not know each other.  Since there is a focus on the gathering, it can be easier for less outgoing people to speak and get to know others.  Throw in some coffee, wine, or a potluck and you a great get-together.

How To Start A Yoga Community


Yoga means union in Sanskrit.  It is the union of many different ideas, events, movements, and beliefs.  It was originally instituted as a Hindu spiritual discipline but has been transformed into a worldwide lifestyle that brings peace, love, and health to the multitudes.  To establish a community of yogis (practitioners of yoga) is to establish a community of peace, love, and togetherness.




Yoga has become a mainstay in all towns and cities across the country.  There are probably multiple yoga studios within a close radius of your home right now.  There are a plethora of free how-to videos on the Internet.   You can also purchase DVDs online and in many stores.  There are tons of resources out there; you just have to decide which one to use.

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Running Clubs For A Healthier Community




If you have ever gone on a run or run in a race, you know the feeling of complete exhilaration when you finish.  There is nothing like it; it makes you feel invincible.   Anything that makes you feel that good should be spread to others.  Even if you have never run a step, you can give it a try.  Every journey starts with the first step.

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How Music Can Bring A Community Together



It is said that music is the universal language.  It matters not what language a song is sung in, everyone can get up and dance with smiles on their faces; enjoying the tune and reveling in whatever cultural the song comes from.  Since many cultures can be united with music, it is sure to bring a community together no matter where someone comes from nor status in life.

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Am I An Alcoholic? 10 Warning Signs To Watch Out For

Do you remember the first time that you tasted the first drop of alcohol? Were you blissful? Excited? Can’t wait for more? That’s actually the common impression on having your first drink.

Drinking is always related to fun and enjoyment. Most often than not, it is a part of socializing. That’s why most people who are considered as social drinkers ended up not being aware of developing tolerance and eventually addiction to alcohol.


These ten warning signs should be observed cautiously to prevent yourself from going overboard as an alcoholic:

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Stop Substance Abuse

drug abuse

Substance abuse can kill. It can destroy a life and break a once loving family. And today, there are far too many people who are dealing with it. Substance abuse might not seem overly dangerous, especially when it has only been a problem for a short while but as it continues to take hold it will ruin lives. Finding a way to stop substance abuse is necessary and far easier than you might think. So, what avenues do you have available to you?

Look At Changing Your Attitude towards Substances

First and foremost, it’s important to note that dealing with substance abuse is never easy despite there being more help available. In truth, breaking free of the grip that has hold of you can be tough and it’ll take a lot of encouragement, hard work, and determination. So, it’s necessary to look at how you think or feel towards your chosen substance. Do you like it? Do you hate it or have no strong feelings towards it? It’s important to identify your feelings so that you can tackle them head on and break out from the vicious cycle. You should think about changing attitudes towards substances so your body knows they aren’t good. It’s the first step in admitting there’s a problem. Continue reading “Stop Substance Abuse” »

Preventing Drug Abuse


Being an occasional drug user might not seem too bad but you need to be aware of how quickly they can take hold. Taking steps to prevent drug abuse is a necessity in today’s modern world. One can get in more productive endeavors, community involvement, sports and other worthwhile activities. Drugs are becoming far too easy to get hold of and it’s causing massive drug problems. Addiction has never been higher and it’s a major problem for millions. Is there any way to prevent drug abuse?

As Soon As There Is a Problem, Take Action

It’s true to say that whenever shows signs of drug use, don’t wait until they spiral out of control—act now. There are lots of drug programs to look into and they can be more than useful when it comes to preventing drug abuse on a long-term basis. Taking action can seem like a harsh step, especially when they use occasionally but that’s not good either. Drugs can affect the body in a lot of different ways and make it do crazy things so it’s necessary to do what you can and take action immediately. If you want to prevent drug abuse, this is the only way to do so. It can be very effective and a solution to a difficult situation. Continue reading “Preventing Drug Abuse” »