Alcohol, Tobacco, And Drug Prevention


Who doesn’t have issues with drugs, alcohol, or tobacco today? It seems as though everyone does and at one point or another, it will take hold and prevent you from living your life as you want to. Preventing addiction can be so important and for some, it’s hard as these things won’t let go without a real fight. However, there are ways to help prevent drugs and alcohol and tobacco from taking hold. See it more from

Why Do People Have Such Troubles With Alcohol, Drugs, And Tobacco?

What do you turn to when you feel hurt, sad, or alone? You turn to alcohol to drown your sorrows and, for some, they use drugs to numb the pain they feel; others smoke themselves into oblivion. Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs are three very simple elements and yet they take hold violently and refuse to let go. Preventing someone becoming addicted can be a long and often hard battle and one which cannot be won without lots of determination and effort.

How to Prevent Someone Turning To These Crutches?

To be honest, there are going to be a hundred different reasons as to why someone uses these things as a crutch as they believe it’ll take away their pains. When it comes to preventing someone from turning to these, it’s going to take a lot of help and support. These things can easily take hold and it’s necessary to look at therapy and counseling to help overcome them. Yes, it’s not something people instantly like but it can be pretty effective. Locking someone up in a room to prevent them from using these can be effective but it’s not viable and not legal either.

Small Changes Are the Only Things That Work

Going cold turkey remains a very popular movement for a lot of people when fighting drugs, alcohol, and even tobacco but that’s not the right way to deal with it. Yes, you want to stay away from these and prevent yourself from using them again but you’re more likely to turn to them when going cold turkey. The reason why is down to the fact your body cannot handle the change and craves it even more. However, when you slowly wean your body off these things you can actually become a lot healthier in many ways. Your body gets used to not having drugs, alcohol, and tobacco so you’re more likely to see results.

Prevention Is Possible

drugsYou have to remember, when it comes to alcohol, drugs, and tobacco, they can be very tempting, especially to those with addictions to them. However, while it can be hard to move away from them, there are many support networks that could prove useful. Prevention is possible and with help groups and networks of support, it can be done. You have to look at AA as well as many other networks so that you or someone you know can move away from the negatives in their lives.

Stay Strong

There will always be some form of temptation when it comes to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco and they can all be as tempting as the other. However, if you can find an outlet to support you then those temptations can be fought. Alcohol, drugs, and even tobacco can all be very strong and you can want to turn to them in the worst of times but don’t. Stay strong and use your networks of support for help.