Expression And Connection Can Keep You Fighting


When you’re addicted to a substance, regardless of what it is or why you’re abusing it, the hardest part is recovering from it. The solution to this has been the same for years: gain support from a group or an individual. You are definitely not alone and by being with someone who knows what you are going through and can help you find other ways to adjust, recovering can seem a lot easier.

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8 Causes of Substance Abuse


Being a substance abuser is not a label that anyone secretly wants to have. No one wakes up one day and decides to drink bottles of liquor, smoke packets of cigarettes, or inhale cocaine or meth religiously just for kicks. No, it is usually a coping mechanism for things that may have happened as far back as the person’s childhood years.

Check out the possible causes of substance abuse below.

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How Drug Abuse Ruins Everything You Hold Dear

Drugs are products of science that have a main purpose of improving one’s health. When you consume more than what the prescription indicates, it can spiral down to addiction.

Many say that it is a brain disease because of how the chemicals alter the function of the brain. Though there are various drug types, they all work to trick you into feeling a sense of pleasure or achievement. Of course, that will ideally seem great for someone who wants to experience happiness even for a short while. Little do you know, however, that drug abuse has grave consequences that may be difficult to bounce back from.

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Am I An Alcoholic? 10 Warning Signs To Watch Out For

Do you remember the first time that you tasted the first drop of alcohol? Were you blissful? Excited? Can’t wait for more? That’s actually the common impression on having your first drink.

Drinking is always related to fun and enjoyment. Most often than not, it is a part of socializing. That’s why most people who are considered as social drinkers ended up not being aware of developing tolerance and eventually addiction to alcohol.


These ten warning signs should be observed cautiously to prevent yourself from going overboard as an alcoholic:

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