How Drug Abuse Ruins Everything You Hold Dear

Drugs are products of science that have a main purpose of improving one’s health. When you consume more than what the prescription indicates, it can spiral down to addiction.

Many say that it is a brain disease because of how the chemicals alter the function of the brain. Though there are various drug types, they all work to trick you into feeling a sense of pleasure or achievement. Of course, that will ideally seem great for someone who wants to experience happiness even for a short while. Little do you know, however, that drug abuse has grave consequences that may be difficult to bounce back from.

It brings forth long-term diseases.

The substance may affect your brain the most, but remember that it will still enter your digestive tract. Hence, when you’re exposed to drugs for years, a lot of illnesses can come up.

One of those can be liver damage. This organ is responsible for straining the blood to ensure that no harmful compounds will enter your bloodstream. It can only handle so much chemicals and will most likely malfunction if you don’t slow down with the drug use. The worst symptoms include edema, kidney failure, and comatose.

How you deliver the substance into the body can cause incurable diseases too, especially if it’s through injections. Using the same needle for different individuals entails that their blood will mix with yours. In case they have hepatitis or AIDS, you may acquire them too.


It affects finances.

Every pill or vial of drugs costs a fortune, even when it’s meant to cure an ailment. Some patients actually consider treatments that don’t require buying them. But if you do the opposite and abuse the drug, it can destroy your financial stability.

The main reason is that the ‘high’ sensations may prevent you from operating like a normal human being. The job that you once loved will definitely take a backseat as the substance becomes your new priority. No work equates to no additional earnings too, mind you. Although you may have plenty of cash in the bank, the stash will deplete – it’s simply a matter of when.


It breaks families.

Drugs is such a sensitive yet well-known issue that cause a lot of complications in a family. They want to help and see you get sober; you just concentrate on using the substance as often as you can. It’s quite common for the drug dependent to drift away from their loved ones first. Sometimes it happens unconsciously, other times consciously. The only moment your family will decide to keep their distance is when your addiction puts them – especially the children – in great danger.


It enhances depression.

Individuals usually receive prescription medicine to ease their anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders. The problem worsens, though, when you begin taking the drug in hopes of extending the temporary bliss it offers. The instances above may then take place, which can make you even more depressed.


Do you realize why you shouldn’t ever attempt to abuse drugs?